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Dassault Catia Flexible Circuit Board Datenblatt

Flex PCB in Catia
Flex PCB in Catia

As today's electronic devices pack more functions into smaller and lighter packages, flexible printed circuit boards (PCB) become more pervasive. Although they provide an optimal solution for these cramped electronic environments, design and prototyping of flexible PCB components is problematic, often relying on expensive physical prototyping, error-prone manual processes and paper drawings for mechanical and Electronic CAD (ECAD) communication

Now you can eliminate these non-value-add expenses and errors by leveraging the power of CATIA Flexible Circuit Board, which enables the modeling of a flexible circuit board within a virtual mock-up and facilitates the collaboration with electronic CAD systems. Efficient collaboration helps to optimize design by improving or eliminating the errors associated with disjointed handoffs between flexible circuit board, prototyping and manufacturing. CATIA Flexible Circuit Board optimizes design efficiency by leveraging a fully automated, streamlined and cost-efficient process for design and development of electronic devices.

Key Highlights and Benefits: CATIA Flexible Circuit Board
CATIA Flexible Circuit Board

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